Milwaukee Cordless Drills

Milwaukee cordless drills are known more for their strong build, high power and ultimate comfort that they provide to their users. Apart from cordless drills, Milwaukee has a wide array of other power tools, which has earned them a respectable name in the field of power tools for the variety of applications. When it comes striking features, there is hardly a match to Milwaukee cordless drills.

Going through the Milwaukee cordless drill review of some of the best Milwaukee cordless drills will confirm that these drills are way above the par and are suited to be used for any type of application.

ModelMilwaukee 2601-22Milwaukee 2410-22Milwaukee 2897-22
Milwaukee-2601-22Milwaukee 2410-22-M12Milwaukee 2897-22-M18
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Speed Range (RPM, IPM) 0-350/0-1,400 0-1,500/0-4000-1,200 / 0-2,000
Torque (In/Lbs)4002501200
Chuck size (Inc)1/21/41/4
Voltage (Volts)1812M12-M18 multi-voltage
Item Dimensions (Inches)14.7 x 12.5 x 4.814.9 x 12.3 x 4.94.3 x 14.9 x 19.1
Power SourceBattery-PoweredCordless-ElectricBattery-Powered

Compare Specifications

Max SpeedWeightCharge TimeClutch Settings
Milwaukee 2601-22
1400 RPM
Milwaukee 2410-22 M12
1500 RPM
Milwaukee 2897-22 M18
2000 RPM
Milwaukee 2601-22
3.8 Pounds
Milwaukee 2410-22 M12
2.5 Pounds
Milwaukee 2897-22 M18
3.5 Pounds
Milwaukee 2601-22
60 minutes
Milwaukee 2410-22 M12
30 Minutes
Milwaukee 2897-22 M18
40 Minutes
Milwaukee 2601-22
Milwaukee 2410-22 M12
15 + 1
Milwaukee 2897-22 M18

1Milwaukee 2601-22 18-volt

Milwaukee 2601-22

The Milwaukee 2601-22 is one of the tops models in the 18V product line of Milwaukee. If you need a powerful output and impressive performance from your cordless drill, there is not match to the Milwaukee 2601-22. With dual speed adjustments, you can use this powerful drill for a varied number of applications. It has the capability of delivering a  torque of 400 in/lbs consistently .

Ergonomic design.
Works find with M18 compact as well as M18 XC batteries.
Compact size allows it to be used in tight corners and awkward angles.
Long battery life and quick charging time of 30 minutes.
Sturdy carrying case which makes it easy to carry.
Metal ratcheting Yukiwa chuck grips the bits nicely and is very steady as compared to other counterparts.
In-built LED light illuminates work surface.
Battery does not get locked very well at times.
Chuck tends to wobble at very high speed.

2Milwaukee 2410-22 M12 12-Volt

Milwaukee 2410-22 M12

With some of the striking features of larger cordless drills, the Milwaukee 2410-22 is one of the top rated cordless drills of the M12 product line of Milwaukee. With amazing performance ratings, this power tool is capable of delivering a  torque of 250 in/lbs . It may not be as impressive as that produced by those 18V monsters, but goes just fine for home based applications and a few professional tasks as well.

Integrated LED light helps in illuminating work surface.
Integrated fuel gauge helps to estimate life of the remaining charge.
35% faster drilling and fastening with dual speed gear box. Thus, get it ready whenever you need to work.
Capable of working in hard toy reach corners and tight spaces.
Li-ion batteries offers long lasting charge ad gets fully charged within 30 minutes.
Comes with 5 years warranty.
Bits tend to get loose due to the faulty design of the chuck.
Bit pricey for a M12 unit.

3Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 18-Volt

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18

Basis the various impact driver reviews, it can said with conviction that the Milwaukee 2897-22 is beyond doubt the best Milwaukee cordless drill that is available in the market currently. The kit contains a  ½ inch hammer drill and ¼ inch hex impact driver  which is the most powerful impact drill in its class. At faster drilling and driving speeds, the drill driver has a torque of 1200 in/lbs and the impact driver has a  torque of 1800 in/lbs respectively ! The kit also contains a couple of  Red Lithium XC 5.0 batteries, 2 bit holders, 2 belt clips, a side handle and the Milwaukee signature carrying case . This monster is meant for pro-level and heavy duty applications and would be little too much for use in home applications.

Outstanding power.
Compact design.
Lightweight drill driver weighs just 3.5lbs.
Best in class hammer drill and impact drill driver.
Additional support with side handle.
On board fuel gauge.
Comes with warranty of 5 years.
3-speed motor is missing which could have been ideal for a 1200 in/lbs of torque.
Being comparatively heavy at 5.25lbs the impact driver may cause fatigue after a certain duration of usage.