Hitachi cordless drill

With pioneered and innovative technology, Hitachi has been able to make a name for itself in the world of power tools and has the reputation of manufacturing some of the finest cordless drills that caters to home as well as heavy-duty applications. Some of the best Hitachi cordless drills are being reviewed here. With the help of the Hitachi cordless drill review, users would be able to make an informed choice as in which one would suit their needs the most.

ModelHitachi DS18DVF3Hitachi KC18DGLHitachi KC10DFL2
Hitachi DS18DVFHitachi KC18DGLHitachi KC10DFL2
Battery TypeNiCADLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Speed Range (RPM, IPM)0-400 / 0-1,2000-450/1,250, 0-2,4000-2,700 / 0-3,200
Torque (In/Lbs)400400 955
Chuck size (Inc)1/21/41/4
Voltage (Volts)181818
Item Dimensions (Inches)10 x 2 x 10-12.80 x 9.80 x 5.80
Power SourceBattery-PoweredBattery-PoweredBattery-Powered

Compare Specifications

Max SpeedWeightCharge TimeClutch Settings
Hitachi DS18DVF3
1200 RPM
1800 / 2600 RPM
Hitachi KC10DFL2
2700 / 3200 RPM
Hitachi DS18DVF3
4.4 Pounds
4.4 / 2.2 Pounds
Hitachi KC10DFL2
2.2 / 2.2 Pounds
Hitachi DS18DVF3
35 minutes
60 Minutes
Hitachi KC10DFL2
40 Minutes
Hitachi DS18DVF3
22 + 1
Hitachi KC10DFL2
21 + 1

1Hitachi DS18DVF3 18-Volt

Hitachi DS18DVF3

Since 2005, the Hitachi DS18DVF3 has been catering to the drilling needs of home DIYers and medium scale professional tasks as well. This budget cordless drill offers an amazing drilling punch with its  powerful torque of 400 in/lbs  which make us include this in the list of best Hitachi cordless drills. The tool weighs 4.4 pounds and measures just 7.5 inches, which makes it quite compact and easy to use for long hours. While it may not be the best pick for heavy-duty professionals, this $120 drill is certainly worth every penny if used for domestic tasks.

Ergonomic and anti-slip grip provides ease of handling.
Kit contains flashlight for illuminating working surface.
Light and compact design.
Fast charging time of 35 minutes.
Dual speed ratings.
Large bits and hole saws can be held by the ½”keyless chuck.
Comes with 5 years limited warranty.
Uses Ni-Cad battery that has short battery life of just 60 minutes.
Plastic body makes it vulnerable to damage if dropped.

2Hitachi KC18DGL 18-Volt Cordless

Hitachi KC18DGL

The Hitachi KC18DGL is combo kit that contains an impact drill and a driver drill. The driver drill of the kit  weighs just 3.7 lbs and is capable of delivering a powerful torque of 400 in/lbs . The impact driver is even  lighter at 3.1 lbs and is ideal for heavy applications, thanks to its powerful driving torque of 1280in/lbs . Both the best lithium ion cordless drill and the impact driver runs on Li-Ion batteries which slides just below the tool.

Lightweight and compact design.
Easy and comfortable ergonomically designed grip.
Upward pointing LED light offers better illuminating angle to the working surface.
Fast battery charging (takes only 35 minutes).
Longer (3X) battery life with Li-ion batteries as compared to Ni-Cad batteries.
Lifetime warranty on tools.
Battery life indicator not present.
Both the batteries are not high capacity, one is 2.5Ah and the other one is 1.5Ah.

3Hitachi KC10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless

Hitachi KC10DFL2

The Hitachi KC10DFL2 is combo kit that contains  12V drill driver and impact driver, 2 12V Li-ion batteries, a battery charger and a flashlight . The last thing ensures that you can use the cordless drill seamlessly even in conditions that are dark or not well-illuminated. The drill lit also contains 7-piece bit set along with a Philips #2 driver bit.

Lightweight for easy sue.
Fast charging time of batteries.
Compact design makes it ideal for tight corners and overhead applications.
5 position flashlight allows illuminating the surface from different angles.
Lifetime warranty on Li-ion tool from Hitachi.
3/8” keyless chuck along with 21+1 clutch settings and 21 torque settings allows better control and higher precision.
Impact driver delivers torque of 925 in/lbs which makes it suitable for stubborn applications.
Longevity of batteries not very impressive.
Single replacement batteries are very expensive.
Carrying case not the best quality.